Wedding Day Sunset Session

I mean, how romantic is this... right?!

I mean, how romantic is this... right?!

You may be thinking... "what?  I didn't even know that was a thing!"

And, that is why I am sharing this idea with you! :) 

A sunset session on your wedding day is not going to work with every bride's timeline, but if it does fit into your timeline, DO IT!   

You will NOT regret it. 

A sunset session will typically fit in right after dinner or cake cutting.  In fact, it would be perfect if you could fit it in right after you cut the cake so that your guests are chowing down on delicious cake while you sneak off for just a few minutes to capture a quick set of romantic & dreamy portraits as the sun falls on your perfect day.    

Literally, it takes about 10 minutes!  Your guests won't mind! 

Now, if you are planning a later timeline, you may not be able to squeeze this in.  However, with a little discussion with your photographer... you may be able to arrange things to make it work.  It  never hurts to ask, so talk to your photographer about the possibility of a sunset session.   They are my absolute favorite images from my own wedding day and I am SO glad we did it.   

Now let me convince you with images since that is what I am best at! 

You totally want a sunset session on your wedding day now, right?

I said it before and I will say it again, DO IT!  :) 

Happy Wedding Planning Lovely!