These 11 Things Made My Pregnancy More Enjoyable

Well… we are right around the corner from entering parenthood. I am due in about 3 weeks, so I am in a state of reflection and preparation all at the same time. We are expecting a little girl (much to my surprise) and I am SO ready to meet the little person that I’ve been cooking in this slow cooker belly of mine!

(Edit - Sorry I am finally posting this sooooo late… our daughter is now 5.5 months old but I wrote this while still pregnant. Ha! Time is just slipping through my fingers y’all!)



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These last 8/9 months have been so transformative and to be honest - humbling. Ha!

I can no longer bend over like a normal human being, putting on shoes is a serious Olympian-like effort, sleeping has become a game of puzzling pillow arrangements and trying to fall asleep before the urge to pee hits again, and I heavily rely on a heating pad and birthing ball to get me through every evening at this point.

I wouldn’t give any of this up for the amazing gift at the end. We waited a long time to get pregnant and stay pregnant (another post for another time), so I’ve been sure to try and enjoy as much of this journey as I can with the help of a few products along the way. One of which is my very own creation and I can’t help but shamelessly recommend it to you!

Please know that I may receive a small earning if you click on any of my Amazon links and make a purchase. Thank you if you do, by the way! ;)

Products that made my pregnancy more comfortable:

Momma’s on Etsy LOVE this belly butter as much as I do!

Momma’s on Etsy LOVE this belly butter as much as I do!

  1. Belly Butter

This is the product that is my very own creation. If you didn’t already know it, I own and run another small business on Etsy called Melanie’s Apothecary. I handcraft bath and body products in a studio space in my home. I’ve been selling this belly butter for years to other mommas and now I finally got to use it for real myself! And use it I do/did. I’ve gone through way more than I expected too because I get so itchy after every shower, especially since it is winter here in the UP. It is wonderful for all the stretching itchy areas (breasts, belly, thighs, booty, and anywhere else you need it). It doesn’t soak in immediately, so it gives you a nice moisturized and silky feeling for quite a while after a shower, making it prefect for using before bedtime. It’s completely natural and totally safe for our pregnant bellies with very simple ingredients : shea butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and a bit of lavender essential oil.

And here is a coupon for 10% OFF for all my blog readers because you deserve it for being so darn cool! Use code: TREATYOURSELF

2. Body Wash

After lots of review reading on Amazon, I decided on this fairly indulgent body wash. Yes, it’s pricey… but I loved it and would buy it again and again. Even with my belly butter, I still wanted something gentle to use in the shower that would help my skin out even more. The smell was not overwhelming and the lather was excellent. This bottle lasted me through two trimesters. I waited until my 2nd trimester to start using it.

I also loved that this product is toxin-free and it’s even Vegan if that is your thang, girl!

3. Nausea Relief Tea

I got my nausea in the evenings and didn’t have an appetite at all in the beginning of my pregnancy and well into my 2nd trimester. I really loved this tea by Pink Stork when my tummy was feeling icky around dinner time. It helped settle my stomach and I could usually eat something small with the help of the tea. It also tastes pretty darn good and it is sweet all on it’s own. So if you prefer sweeter tastes, you will like this. I usually added a little extra honey because I LOVE honey but you definitely don’t need to add a sweetener to this tea. They also make a whole line of other teas related to pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, etc. and I have loved every single one I’ve tried. I’m currently drinking the Labor Prep one as I gear up for delivery. ;)

4. Belly + Back Support

This is a 2-for-1 product recommendation. One is on the pricier side and the other is super affordable. I’ve been using both since the 2nd trimester and I’ve truly NEEDED them. I am only 5’2” and this belly of mine has really made my hips and back ache on days that I am on my feet a lot. So I started out with the simpler belly band and then upgraded to the Blanqi after my doctor said I needed to use something that goes over the shoulders.

5. Exercise Ball / Birth Ball

First of all, this is just plain fun to sit on and bounce! :) I will continue to use it after pregnancy while sitting at my desk because I like it so much. But for pregnancy specifically, it has really helped with my hip pain and back aches while sitting at my desk and I believe it has also helped the baby get into a pretty good position so far. It helps you open up your hips, keep some strength in your core and sit with better posture. I will also use this during labor if I get to labor at home for a while like I hope to. I wish I had gotten this sooner in my pregnancy! Even my husband loves sitting on it! hahaha Just make sure you read what size you need based on your height. Because I am so short - I ordered the 55cm size.

My one complaint…. airing this thing up with the pump they sent took a very long time and it was extremely loud and squeaky. My dog HATED the pump noise. lol But it’s important to use that pump because it won’t let you overfill the ball (it pops off when you’ve hit the max). Which is really cool.

6. Wedge Pillow (Great for Baby too!)

Sleeping has been quite a struggle throughout my entire pregnancy. I am both a back and stomach sleeper… but I’ve had to say goodbye to those favored positions during pregnancy since the doc says left-side sleeping is my new normal. Sleeping on my left side has been such an adjustment but pillows have helped. I use both a pregnancy body pillow and this little wedge pillow. The wedge pillow helps support your belly so that it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling your body and back towards the mattress. I got to try this pillow first during a maternity massage and I was sold after that. I went home and ordered one off of Amazon immediately.

So I put this wedge under the left side of my belly while sleeping and it helps prop my belly up throughout the night so I don’t strain my belly or back. An excellent way to spend $16.00! Then once the baby is born, it will be an excellent tummy time pillow to help prop baby up! Double duty, ya’ll!

7. Maternity/Nursing Tank Tops

I ordered two different kinds of tank tops to try and I ended up loving the stretchier Bralido brand the most for my pregnancy because they are fitted which allows me to wear them under other shirts to help extend my shirts beyond my belly, but both are truly comfy. I am wearing one of the Bralido tanks right now in fact! The Bralido brand is more of a stretchy material and the Kuci brand is more like a soft cotton. I think I will end up like the Kuci brand more while nursing though because it is softer.

If you order these Bralido ones early on in your pregnancy, they will seem waaayyyy too long but by the time you hit 34+ weeks, they will probably fit perfectly.

8. My Favorite Prenatal Vitamin

I tried two different types of prenatals and my favorite was the SmartyPants Gummy. Not only do they taste great but they have all the things I was looking for in a vitamin (except Iron). After a bit of research - I wanted a prenatal that specifically had omega 3s and folate as methylfolate and this brand had just that! I also have my husband taking the men’s complete vitamin by SmartyPants because I love this brand so much. I will continue taking these SmartyPants vitamins after birth as well even though they are pricey. They are totally worth it in my opinion.

I also tried a liquid vitamin by PinkStork because I love their teas and they said it had the best absorption rate, but the taste, texture and smell of the liquid vitamin was almost too much for me. But it was definitely a quality vitamin option if you can get past the taste! Make sure to do plenty of reading when choosing your own prenatal though and don’t just let us internet folk choose for you. ;)

9. A Body Pillow


Sleeping while pregnant… like I said, it’s not all that comfortable. It just gets harder every week in fact, so I recommend getting all the comfort stuff right from the get-go so you can get used to the products and find ways to make them work for you. Girl - you need your sleep! So besides my wedge pillow, I also wrapped myself in this body pillow and used it to remind myself to stay on my left side. With it pressing into my back and wedged between my legs, it stopped me from rolling over. I also loved the jersey pillow case that came with this pillow and I was pretty happy with the quality of this pillow overall. I was able to wash the cover when needed and after a bit of wrestling, got it back onto the pillow fairly easily considering it’s awkward shape and size.

10. Pregnancy Journal

My memory fails me. A lot. So I needed a cute and easy way to document my pregnancy and this little journal was really easy and fun to use. It’s also beautiful and affordable. Not only did I write in this journal each week, but I also tucked and taped photos into it. I added a couple of our sonograms pictures and my own belly pictures as I went. Not only does it have weekly update spots - it also has doctor visit log pages, baby shower planning pages, and really cool reflection pages that help you think back about the most recent trimester and prompt you to document all the important memories. I just love this journal and I can’t wait to share it with our daughter someday.

11. Adjustable Heating Pad

Something always hurts or aches towards the end. It’s just the reality of carrying around that precious little body inside your own. They start to get heavy. Really heavy. So I used my heating pad on my back and shoulders nearly every night through this pregnancy. Sometimes I used it while sitting in my chair and watching tv and sometimes I actually slept with it. My back gave me serious issues. (Edit - now I know why. My baby girl was over 9 pounds of love you guys! I was so sure I had a tiny little girl inside… haha!)

So there you have it guys! The 11 products that made my pregnancy a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. It’s hard work growing a person and we need a little help along the way. Treat yourself while you still can and buy the pillow and the back support shirt. Your body will thank you.

I hope these products help you too and I hope your pregnancy is happy, healthy, and comfy!

Until next time,