Have Flower Children Instead!

After talking about wedding planning with one of my 2017 brides, I was inspired to start sharing some tips and ideas with all you brides, mother-of-the-brides or soon-to-be brides from my own wedding!  I will stick with one idea per post, and today's idea is flower children!

My husband and I planned a DIY backyard wedding at my in-law's home in 2012.  (This was before Pinterest was really a big deal you guys...  Or at least before I jumped on the Pinterest wagon.)   I wanted the children in my life to be involved but I wanted them to have genuine involvement.  I didn't want just one little boy to carry an empty pillow or one little girl to drop flower petals.  I had a lot of little ones to involve - including siblings, a nephew, children I cared for and truly wanted to be a part of the day.  Therefore a ring bearer and flower girl was not going to cut it.   

Instead I had Flower Children!  We picked several handfuls of wildflowers from my in-laws gorgeous prairie and had each child carry a bundle down our "aisle" and give them out.  So they gave out wild flowers to our guests and made people smile and feel involved. (Other plus side here: wildflowers = free) 

So, if you have a lot of little ones to involve, this just might be your answer! Let them hand something out to your guests that will inspire genuine and candid moments that your guests will remember.     


All of these images were captured by my FAB wedding photographer: Stephanie Karen of Stephanie Karen Photography.  


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