This is ALL the gear I use!

If you feel compelled to purchase anything, I would love it if you could use the links I provided because I will get a little percentage of the sale if you do and I would be forever grateful! 

Favorite Lenses - 35mm 1.4  /  50mm 1.2  / 85mm 1.2

Cameras - 2 Canon 6D's  and a backup 60D

SD Cards - This is my favorite brand and all that I use now.

Other Lenses used at weddings - 24-70  & 70-200

2 Flash Units - Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites (One on-camera and one off-camera at receptions on a 6 Foot Stand)



I LOVE these new speedlites because they talk over a radio like frequency that doesn't require a line of sight and they are really quite easy to set up and have not failed me yet! These are a total game changer for lighting receptions and getting creative with flash photography.  You will love these flash units too! 

Clear Umbrella & Reflectors - I always carry this umbrella with me in case of bad weather so that we can still get outdoor portraits of the bride and groom with a super cute clear umbrella that still lets the light in!  I can't tell you how many times it has come in handy!  An excellent investment in your business and a quick improvement to your customer service when you whip this out and save the day!!! :)    Then I always carry a set of reflectors & a scrim with me.  Even though I rarely need to use them, I like knowing that I have them just in case!


*** If you use any of the above links to purchase a product, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you in advance if you do! 

My Wedding Day Camera Bag:

I use an Epiphanie Bag, and I really like it! 

My particular style, called Stella, is now discontinued, unfortunately.  I purchased my bag during one of their inventory reducing sales so I got a great deal on it.  The closest style they carry now would probably be this bag:

With my bag, I love that the top stays open making it easy to access gear and I can wear it like a messenger bag.   Yes, it does get heavy and it is a bit bulky!  However, the padding is excellent and there are a good number of removable/customizable dividers inside, making the weight worth it!  I have plenty of room for a camera with a lens, one flash unit, 2 smaller lenses, batteries, memory cards, and then outside pockets for my cell phone, keys, business cards, and more!  

My Travel Camera Bag:

I use the Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag and so far I really like it.  You can fit your camera body and one extra small lens inside the actual camera protection case and then inside the rest of the bag you could put other gear that has its own protective sleeve.  There is also a nice little SD pocket and 2 other pockets on the inside that could hold your cellphone, small cords, or USB, etc.  I like that this bag doesn't necessarily look like a camera bag for traveling so it doesn't scream, "HEY, I HAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF GEAR IN HERE!"  :) 

This bag is also really comfortable to wear!  If you would like to check this bag out more, just click on the photo over there --->


I edit with a few different preset packs in Lightroom. First, I use the presets that I built and collaborated with Summerana on called the Light Chaser Presets which you can purchase HERE. They are so versatile and super affordable! You get over 50+ different presets that will help you capture any light and airy look you are going for! They are real deal!

I also use two film emulation presets occasionally from Kindred Presets and the Mastin Labs Presets. I love to emulate film, so you will see very pastel/filmy greens and blues from me!

I also have a few actions in Photoshop that I use occasionally for personal work or extra fun shots that are from Paint The Moon Photoshop Actions and Summerana Photoshop Actions. Their actions are so much fun but they do take a little practice and time to understand them if you are not familiar with photoshop.  The sky swap actions from Summerana are fabulous and SO handy for your whimsical work! 

Renting Gear:

Whenever I need to rent extra lenses or flash units I always use Lens Giant because they are located in Michigan! They ship the gear and have it delivered on your requested date and include pre-paid labels for me to return it.  Making it quick and super easy! I have always had great experiences with them and I love the deals they often run!   Check them out here:


If you are newer to the industry or a seasoned shooter and have questions, e-mail me anytime!  I would love to chat!