Maternity & Newborn Session Information & Investment

Maternity Session - $150

Newborn Session Fee - $200 (+ travel fee for locations outside Crystal Falls)

  • One location-Usually your home

  • Parents & Siblings are welcome to join in on a few shots

  • 20+ Professionally Edited Images

  • Online Gallery with High Resolution Images

Milestone Sessions - $150 (One month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year)  



Newborn Sessions - How To Prepare & What To Expect


Newborn sessions must be scheduled within the first 14 days of their birth. So please contact me before baby is born in order to start planning your session. 

These sessions can last from 2 to 4 hours.  Patience and a calm environment is key for your session.  It takes time to get baby relaxed and sleeping and that is ok!  I will not be in a rush to get through your session.  So please plan for a long session. 


Newborn sessions can be done right in your own home.  A clean, clutter-free room with a large window works best for these sessions.  The room needs to be quite warm in order to keep baby comfortable, especially while doing the bare skin shots. 


I will bring a few props and backdrops.  Items you may like to provide would be headbands, ties, hats, a favorite blanket, family heirlooms, or an item that you would like to photograph them with again when they are older.   If you want diaper shots, diaper covers or bloomers will look much nicer than an actual diaper.  We may also use your bed if you are open to that idea. 

Keeping Baby Happy:

A well fed baby is a happy baby.  Please feed and burp baby right before your session to ensure a happy, sleepy baby.  I will also be more than happy to take as many breaks as needed while baby recoups.

If you typically play music, white noise, or use a fan to soothe your baby, please have that handy for your session.  Sometimes it even helps if mom steps out of the room for a little while.   

We will have accidents on backdrops, blankets and even ourselves, and that is not a problem!  I expect it to happen and it is nothing to stress over.  If you could have wipes and old towels handy, that would be great! 

Mom & Dad: 

Keep your clothing simple, stay away from busy patterns and the color red. (Baby's skin is usually already a bit red and red clothing will make it worse.)  Black shirts work really nicely for the black and white images like the one below.   Mom, this is a special time and you need to be in a few of the shots.  If that means going and getting your hair and make up done so that you feel beautiful and relaxed, then go for it! These images will be some of the most important photographs you will ever take. Be in the photos.  They don't have to be shared on social media, but you should have them for your baby when they want to see them one day. ;)