Bay de Noc Wedding - Katie & Adam

KATIE & Adam contacted me many many months ago and asked about my wedding photography services after her dear friend Tina had booked me for her wedding as well. 

 Right off the bat I was excited to work with Katie.  She was so enthusiastic and I could tell she had big plans in store for her wedding day.  She explained that I should expect casual glam...  Casual glam might have been an understatement.  Katie is full glam and glitz I tell you!  That venue was dripping with crystals or as Katie says "bling, lots of bling".   

As a couple Katie and Adam are incredibly adorable together.  Adam always has something clever and funny to say and Katie smiles that "Yep, that's my man" kind of smile.  They photograph so well together, making the job so much fun.  Well... except that Adam wasn't too cooperative when I asked him to please be a little shorter. I suppose I was being unreasonable.  ;)  

The ceremony and reception were held at the Terrace Bay Inn in Gladstone, MI on the lake.  It was so beautiful.  It happened to be a bit chilly that day, but the rain stayed away all day.  The ceremony was flawless and sweet and their reception was full of sparkle, laughs, and heart-touching moments.  

Katie & Adam's wedding has been published by The Knot as well as Elegant Wedding!  

Check out my favorite images from the day.