Africa Housing Project Update

You guuuyyysss!!!!!


Remember when I wrote a couple of posts about a project I was helping Kate with to get funding for a house in Africa so that a nurse could be sent to her village?  

WELL, that project is now fully funded thanks to all of you who donated and/or shared our request!  

You are all SO amazing! 

A big round of applause for you all and a hug from me!

I can't wait to get to Africa to show you all in video and picture form what you were all a part of.  The house will not be built by the time we arrive but they have started transporting brick to the site to begin construction.   Women and men have been carrying these bricks on their backs for miles and miles just to get them to the site, so as you can imagine this will take time.   But I promise to document whatever we can so that you can continue to be a part of this project. 

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