A Decision, A Change, & A Very Merry Christmas

Most of my family and friends are aware of my big change but I suppose it is time to make the official declaration of the change in my business so that my photo clients understand why I am taking fewer sessions and weddings now. This change allowed me to spend more time with my family this Fall and this Holiday Season, and I can't even put it into words how grateful I am for that. Instead of traveling to photograph weddings and other sessions, it meant I got to be with this handsome little man for the first time (below) - my beloved little nephew, Hugo, and all my other beautiful nieces, nephews, siblings, parents, etc. I got to be present. 

Yes, yes I did photograph him dressed as Santa by the Christmas Tree.  I mean, what kind of Aunty would I be if I didn't?!!?

Yes, yes I did photograph him dressed as Santa by the Christmas Tree.  I mean, what kind of Aunty would I be if I didn't?!!?

Last year, I joined a group called "Edit. Profit. Live." and I mentored with a very successful private editor and after several days of thinking, wondering, calculating, and nervous pacing.... I decided to jump.  I jumped into a whole new world in the photography industry.

 I now offer boutique/private editing services for other photographers and I have a pretty full load of 9 official clients now that are sprinkled all over the United States from the West coast to the East coast.  I achieved my goal number of clients 6 months faster than I had hoped for.  It all happened so much faster than I could have ever imagined because I never realized how sought after these specific skills were. 

WAIT, What?   

I know - that probably doesn't make a ton of sense to most folks.  But in a nutshell. there are photographers out there that are killing it so hard that they are drowning in editing and/or they simply don't like the editing process and need to outsource it.  That is where I come in!  I help keep them afloat and take that stress away because I am quite good at it and quite fast compared to most.  In the end it means more free time for them and for me! Which equals happier and more meaningful lives for us all! I work one-on-one with these clients to achieve their specific style of work and get their images turned around faster to their clients.  It is the most beautiful and equally beneficial relationship.  Not to mention one of the other perks is that these photographers aren't just my clients, they also become my friends.  So I get to spend each day working with friends to help grow their businesses and achieve their dream lifestyle;  A lifestyle with a balanced personal life to work ratio. 

I am so ecstatic about this change.  In the end, it is going to mean more time for my family, more freedom, and more financial security.  It means I can work from anywhere and I can start to get my nights and weekends back. I can continue to be present with my family.  

I know you are probably thinking "BUT, Melanie, what about my family pictures!?!?!"

No worries! I will still be fitting in more than a handful of families, seniors, babies, etc. each year! I won't be walking away from photographing people completely!  I just won't be taking any more travel-required weddings or seeking out new clients necessarily. 

I am so excited for this new season of life and all of the positive changes that will be coming with it.  I still get to be a part of this industry, just in a different capacity. 

Any-who, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my exciting news and I hope you will help cheer me on this year!  AND I hope YOU have a rockin' 2017 too!