3 Tips For Better Wedding Photos

I know you have a lot to do as a busy bride!  So I am going to give you a few quick tips right here, right now for getting the most out of your wedding photography experience! I have a huge list of these, but for now I will share 3 super important tips. 

While most of the work is up to your photographer, there are a few things you can do to make a world of difference with your wedding photographs.  So let's jump in!

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1. Get an Officiant-Free First Kiss!  What does that mean?  Ask your officiant or priest if they can please take a few steps away after they announce "You may now kiss the bride".  This will ensure that your pictures of your first kiss will not be photo-bombed. If your officiant doesn't move, you will have a third head right in between the two of you... trust me it just isn't that pretty!   If the Officiant moves, it will give you a clean and clear shot with just the two of you as you share your first kiss as man and wife.  It is such a simple thing to ask, and it will make such a huge difference for your photographs. 

2. Think about having an unplugged wedding.  I know your guests feel like they NEED to take pictures, but at your ceremony they really don't need to.  That is why you hired someone and paid a lot of money for them!  When your guests have their phones and cameras in the aisle, it ruins your professional shots.  Guests can get a little over-eager and sometimes even step into the aisle and this can really be a problem.  To discourage this, you can place a sign right outside your ceremony site that encourages your guests just to enjoy the ceremony tech-free and you can also have your officiant or a friend announce that you are having an unplugged wedding and this means guests should please keep their cameras and phones put away for the ceremony.   There are many eloquent ways to phrase this and your guests will understand.  This is really helpful for your guests as well because they are able to live in the moment and really pay attention instead of worrying about getting a photograph of you walking down the aisle.  I have seen some family members watch the entire ceremony through a screen... and I think that is tragic.  We, the photographers, are there so they don't have to do that.  

3. Remove the stress from the Family Formals time.  Here comes a few tips in one!  Get ready to write these down in your wedding planning journal!  

  • First, create a list of group shots.  List out the names of everyone you need in each grouping.   So, you need the Bride's Parents with the B&G, Groom's Parents with the B&G, Both sets of grandparents with the B&G, etc.  Write them all out!  It will make photo-time a breeze!  
  • Next you need to recruit a loud or bossy bridesmaid/helper.... wait we aren't bossy women - we have strong leadership skills.  So get a bridesmaid with strong leadership skills to call out the names for each photo.  The photographer will then set the group shot up, snap the picture, and NEXT!  
  • Lastly, prepare your family for what is to come.  Have your Officiant announce that family should stick around if you plan to do family formals immediately afterward.  Sometimes family gets a little excited and they disappear and you miss the chance to get their picture.  Another way to plan for this is to send an e-mail out to all family members informing them of your family formal plans before the wedding day.

Well, I hope these quick tips help!  Just remember that little changes will give you amazing results!  It is all in the details my friends.  

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and pretty pics!