Worth The Trip - Episode 1 {Las Penitas}

I've decided to start a little series of posts that I will title, 'Worth The Trip', focusing on a different location for each "episode" that Benjamin and I just LOVED while traveling - in hopes that it will inspire you to either check it out or travel and find your own "worth the trip" spots!

Episode 1 of Worth The Trip is Las Penitas in Nicaragua - a small coastal village on the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast.  This village is MADE for surfing, fishing, and just relaxing! There are very few people and plenty of places within walking distance to check out.  It is a wonderful place to escape to! 

Seriously ... look at this adorable little B&B that we stayed in for a few days. 

This B&B is called the Sol y Mar Bed & Breakfast.  The accommodations are very simple and by no means luxurious (running water is not always guaranteed), but for a few days at the beach on the cheap - it is perfect. I think it was about $20/night.  They served breakfast each day and they welcomed us with a fruity mixed drink when we arrived. Looking at recent reviews, you may not get the same welcome crew that we did.... but the owners and his staff member were very nice when we met them. (The owners are a retired Nicaraguan-Canadian couple) From this spot, you are an easy walk from different restaurants and activities.  

Life really isn't too bad when you can spend your time in a hammock, in the water, or on top of that super cool balcony.  Plan on being unplugged as well, since you will not find WiFi here most likely unless things have really changed.  

We spent our days reading books up in that top tower like area overlooking the ocean.  Benjamin also spent a bit of time in the intimidating waves while I watched and took pictures.  I was sure that if I stepped too far into the waves, surely I would be swept away ... much like a woman's flip flop did our first day here.

 Funny little story - we were reading and doing a bit of people watching and a couple walking along the water stopped for a moment a few yards away from us and the tide ripped this woman's flip flop off and took it away. Several minutes later, the flip flop floated out right in front of our place, so I ran out and grabbed it and ran it down the beach to return it to her. She acted as if I had just saved her drowning child... and in that moment, I got to experience what it must feel like to be a superhero.  ;)  

If you look through the pictures below you will see how the shore goes from harmless looking to insane in no time, so I let Benjamin be the super adventurous one this time while I did a little stress-free stroll along the water's edge.  

You will also LOVE the sunsets here.  Strolling along the sand as the sky turns pink and the sun falls... heaven. 

You'll never want to leave...

The last and probably best part of this Bed & Breakfast was the amazing pet therapy... they have the friendliest and coolest dog, Muchacha.  She gave us lots of laughs and cuddles during our stay.  

Where in the world is it?!?!
THanks Google maps!

THanks Google maps!

That's all for this stop folks!  

If you have any questions, shoot me a message and hopefully between myself and my hubs, I will be able to answer it! ;)