Film. Fish. Fun.

I've been taking my film camera out during our little family adventures when I can and practicing getting decent exposures and proper focus.  This time I got to practice on a little fishing fun.  

My family visited several weekends ago and there was one thing we HAD to do.  Take Warren, my 6 year old nephew, fishing.  He has a very special fishing pole with Optimus Prime on it stored at my house and every time I see the little guy he asks if I still have his pole and when will he get to go fishing again.  

So we picked up some worms, packed up the poles, and drove to a little lake near our home.  While the guys fished, I took out my film camera and captured the little moments and fishing victories.  Enjoy!  

If you are a photographer and you aren't shooting film yet, give it a go!  You will love it!

These were all taken with a canon film camera on Fuji Pro 400H film and processed by The FIND Lab.  I opted for the Noritsu scanner.  They have not been digitally edited in any way.  These are exactly as they came back from the scanner.  :)   I think I will try some Portra film soon!


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