Worth The Trip - Episode 2 {Huacachina, Peru}

Ready for your 2nd travel suggestion? 

Welcome to Huacachina, Peru (pronounced Walk-ah-chee-nah) located in the southwestern corner of Peru just west of a town called Ica.  

Huacachina is a bizarre desert oasis with a green lagoon that is surrounded by palm trees! 

Unfortunately, we didn't get as many pictures as this place deserved because I was fairly sick during our stay here.  But I would love to go back one day!  You can spend a whole day just walking up the dunes at different times of the day to see how the light changes and the wind changes the shape of the dunes.

Just getting to this place was an adventure!  We arrived via a weird little taxi called a tuk tuk. Obviously there are buses, cars, etc. that will bring you in as well.  But if you want something cheap and fun, find a tuk tuk. ;)

After you arrive, you can walk around the entire oasis in probably about an hour.  It is tiny, but it offers plenty of options for food, lodging, and activities.  In fact, this is where Benjamin experienced the hottest ceviche he has ever had.  There are also several traveling artists that set up their wares by all the restaurants that you could spend an evening stroll checking out.  Really, this is such a weird little place that who knows what you will find if you go there today!    

If you are adventuresome, you can ride dune buggies and go sand-boarding, but if you like the more chill activities you can hang out around the lagoon (no swimming), swim at your hostel, and more!   We loved walking up the dunes at sunset and then running down the dune!  Running down a sand dune is the most freeing experience and a little bit terrifying all at the same time.  You just have to trust your legs to carry you through as you complete a sort-of controlled-fall down the dune.   

Now, the not so fun parts about hiking up the dunes at sunset is that the sand blowing onto your skin does sting (like, a lot), it's an incredibly tough walk up, and it does get chilly as the sun goes down ... but now that I have told you all of that, you will be far more prepared than we were! haha

Where in the world is it?!? 


That's all for this stop! See you at our next Worth The Trip location! 

As always, feel free to reach out with questions if you are interested in hearing more about this quaint little oasis.