It Was Time... To be IN the photos.

You know, I spend a lot of time encouraging people to get their pictures done.  It's important, not just for you, but for future family members to be able to look back and see YOU in some of these family albums.  

However, I am guilty.  Guilty of rarely being on the other side of the camera.  

So I fixed that a couple of weeks ago.  

My dear friend, Stephanie, of Stephanie Anne Photography, helped us take some updated portraits for our 5th anniversary this year! 5 years, baby!  If you love these as much as I do, go check out more of Stephanie's work here:

They are the sweetest and I cannot wait to get them printed and put up on our walls in our favorite product - metal prints (which I talked about here.)

5 years ago, we were married on Benjamin's parents' property in front of their log home in the middle of the woods on a gorgeous stone that we laid specifically for our special day.  Naturally, we decided to take our anniversary pictures in this same area because it means a great deal to us and our family.  

Take a look at how magical they turned out to be! 

Clearly, we need to do this more often. 

August 2017-33.JPG
August 2017-43.JPG
August 2017-36.JPG
August 2017-53.JPG
August 2017-46.JPG
August 2017-71.JPG
August 2017-74.JPG
August 2017-86.JPG
August 2017-97.JPG
August 2017-112.JPG
August 2017-115.JPG
August 2017-66.JPG
August 2017-119.JPG
August 2017-126.JPG
August 2017-134.JPG

We obviously had to include our beautiful little lady in the pictures with us as well at the end!  Say hi to Quetzy, our little rescue pup.  She is one part dachshund and one part everything else.  

August 2017-230.JPG
August 2017-242.JPG

I am just SO pleased with how these turned out.  

I think part of me was afraid that we could never look as good as we did on our wedding day.  After all it has been 5 years and we have changed since then.  But it was incredibly worthwhile and I love these so much!

So I encourage you, my friend, to go get your pictures done... professionally. :)   Even if you are nervous about it. Make it happen.  It is important. 

Again, if you are in Southwest Michigan - check out Stephanie of Stephanie Anne Photography! 

Until next time...

❤️, Melanie